1 April 2011

Hungarian Presidency extended

Coreper has discussed today the extension of the mandate of the Hungarian Presidency in light of a successful first three months. Spokespersons Kovács and Kováts stated: „We have proven that we are part of the solution and not part of the problem, and we would like to continue it that way. Having carried the weight of a 6-pack and other patently heavy dossiers so far, it would be cowardice to shy away from steering the discussions on the next multiannual financial framework and on the reform of common policies. In exchange, Poland and Denmark could take our slot in 2025 and 2038. Negotiations with Cyprus are still ongoing to make sure that they don’t collide with the Turkish presidency in 2054.”
The Hungarian Presidency has convened an extraordinary meeting of Member States’ ambassadors to discuss the proposal. Some Member States are expected to voice concerns about the extraordinary workload, logistical challenges and possible international criticism that such a historical move would bring.
However, the Presidency which has put history literarily on the map in Europe is confident. “We have gotten encouraging signals from our Polish friends that they are really not so keen about this whole presidency thing, with the next multiannual financial framework and the reform of the CAP and what have you.”
Journalists and Members of the European Parliament have also welcomed the oportunity for continued scrutiny of the operation of the Hungarian media law.
Diplomats from neighbourhood countries are divided according to sources: “I mean, what has the Presidency brought to us? Sanctions against dictators, yes, trade-enhancing conventions to support our economic development, yes, and increased EIB funding for roads, education and aqueducts... but they also kept sending only Ministers and Commissioners instead of sending more tourists as the European Council has called on them.”
The President of the European Council has already started planning for an extraordinary summit on 25 April to decide on the matter.


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