29 April 2011

Kovács & Kováts are back – with one eye on the wedding

After a silence of a few weeks, we are back with regular articles on this blog. The first one is coming tonight.
That is after we settled our argument on whether to watch the wedding or not. (According to Reuters, 22% of British people were definitely planning to watch the event, while 23% were definitely not.)
Kováts has been following with awe the communication work surrounding the wedding. It was a masterpiece, almost perfect. How to keep the press on its toes for weeks by keeping information back and letting it out drop by drop? How to keep the fairy tale atmosphere, while keeping a low profile in times of austerity? (Kováts has been impressed by the lack of decoration on cars, the modest trees in Westminster Abbey and the shuttles (!!) driving the royal family members. No horse drawn carriages, a very different setting then he expected.)
At the same time, Kovács had been overwhelmed by his republican feelings and was wondering about fallible human nature. This has led to a lively discussion between us about the perfect form of government. Kováts was quoting David Frost’s opinion about the advantages of a constitutional monarchy, while Kovács has been firing back with the US Constitution as a perfect replacement for an unelected ceremonial head of state...
... we will try to sort this out and will be back with our next post tonight.

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